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KPMG Service Days

When KPMG asked Hands On Hartford to coordinate a customized service project for its consultants working on the campus of Northeast Utilities back in January, we had no idea that it would lead to monthly service projects.   Since January’s service project, we’ve coordinated events for employees in March and April with a fourth in the pipeline for the month of May. 

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In an effort to further promote team building and camaraderie KPMG has invited employees from Oracle (who also work on the Northeast Utilities campus) to join them monthly at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School (MLK) or service projects.  During the months of March and April a group of approximately 11 (both occasion) have met Hands On Hartford’s Community Engagement staff at MLK schools for “after hours” service projects that have primarily consisted of painting/muraling. 

The employee volunteers have unofficially taken ownership of the gym’s wing.  They have transformed a hallway of white walls into an uplifting & cheerful space of action figures demonstrating “sports related activities,” such as swimming, basketball, baseball and tennis.  Moreover, they have embedded inspirational words on the walls that range from teamwork to commitment.   In addition to the sports related images in the gym’s wing, the employee volunteers also replicated a mural of a tiger reading under a tree (that they created back in January in the parent/teachers classroom) in the lobby area.  The mural encompasses the tiger, which is the mascot of the school as well as the core principals of both the school and KPMG. 

When the team created the original mural back in January, the principal of the school was so impressed, that he wanted the same mural placed in an area where everyone could see and appreciate it.  Hence, KPMG did just that!  The employee volunteers have also painted random walls, an office in dire need of painting, and have assisted with stenciling room numbers outside of classrooms.  The employees are truly interested in helping where the need is greatest and welcome all projects, no matter how big or small.  Additionally, they are also committed to working side by side with members of the community and during their last service project worked in conjunction with parent volunteers. 

Tricia Hyacinth

Hands On Hartford Community Engagement Program Mangager


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IBM Service Day

On April 26th, 12 employees from IBM, many of whom work remotely in various parts of New England, converged at MLK School for a half-day of service and team building experience.  The employees were greeted by members of our Community Engagement team and Dr. Lawes, the Assistant Principal of the school.  The 12 employees were broken into two groups; 8 of them tackled painting the gym and the remaining 4 conducted a panel on technology/IBM.  The employees did rotate projects so that many of them were able to participate in both activities.  Prior to IBM sprucing up the gymnasium, the space was uninspiring.  The walls were painted a beige hue and had been gone unpainted for many years.  The gym is now a soft powder blue and the space has come alive.   

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Upstairs in the library, the panelists hosted 3 sessions for students ranging from 2nd-5th graders.  Approximately 60 students benefitted from the presentation.  The sessions were similar to Jr. Achievement in that the employees talked about their company, jobs and answered the students’ questions.  Some of the students inquired about career options for themselves and whether they’d need to go to college in order to have certain careers.  The employee volunteers spiced things up a bit by distributing prizes.  They pulled names and gave out prizes ranging from t-shirts to animal shaped flash drives.  Towards the end of the service project, the team gathered in the gym for a reflection led by our AmeriCorps.  The volunteers were pleasantly surprised when a group of students entered the gym, led by their gym teachers with, poster boards that read “Thank you for painting our gym.”  The students and gym teachers were pleased with the outcome and the students promised to keep the newly painted walls looking good for a long time to come. 

-Tricia Hyacinth

Hands On Hartford Community Engagement Program Manager

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