Let’s Talk About Crêpes

…by Kathleen Reynolds, Café Assistant Extraordinaire

[In addition to specialty coffee and tea, paninis, salads and sandwiches, The Café at Fifty-Five, here at 55 Bartholomew Avenue in Hartford, offers sweet and savory crêpes for breakfast, snacks and lunch.  Kathleen  has a few things to share about crêpes today!]

Kathleen“Crêpe” is pronounced with a flat e as in “bed.”  That was news to me, and I took 4 years of French in high school and have traveled to France a few times!

So what’s the difference between a crêpe and a pancake, you ask?  Crêpes are a flour-based food item as are pancakes, but crêpes are so much thinner and usually filled with something tasty, whether sweet or savory.

The term “crêpe” is a French word that comes from the Old French term “crespe,” that originates from the Latin words “crispa” or “crispus” meaning “curled.”  I know, boring facts, right?  What you need to know is that they are delicious!  The Café at Fifty-Five’s crêpes tend to be larger than most crêpes.  The bigger the better, I say!

goat cheeseSo back to the boring facts.  Flour, eggs, milk and butter are the main ingredients for the basic crêpe, but here comes the interesting part:  you can opt for a savory or sweet batter by adding some secret ingredients (talk to one of our chefs in the kitchen to find out more about those secret ingredients).  And the fillings complete the picture; there’s something for everyone, whether it’s bacon and eggs, bananas and Nutella, goat cheese and sundried tomatoes, or PB&J .

Whatever culture you are from and whatever your palate, I am certain that the Café will have a crêpe for you to discover and enjoy.  We are most definitely a Hartford destination.  Plus we have the friendliest and most accommodating staff within a 60-mile radius – just read our customer comment cards.

I hope everyone will stop by soon to enjoy a crêpe at the Café at Fifty-Five!

[Check out the Café at Fifty-Five menu here:  http://www.handsonhartford.org/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=01512000005FAKH


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