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Hands On Hartford Hosts goLEAD Facilitator Training

On Thursday and Friday of last week, Hands On Hartford had the honor of hosting a generationOn goLEAD Facilitator Training.  Congratulations to Hands On Hartford employees Wanda Guzman and Jacob Aparicio, who attended the training, and are now certified goLEAD facilitators!  generationOn is a program of the Points of Light Enterprise and is a youth service movement that ignites the power of kids to make their mark on the world.  goLEAD stands for “generationOn Leadership, Education and Development” and is a youth leadership training program that empowers youth to lead through community service learning.

Wanda and Jacob will now have the opportunity to work with a youth group to teach them about leadership, empowerment and making an impact on their community through service projects.  This training program will take the youth through a nine-part curriculum covering a broad range of topics, from understanding diversity, problem-solving and teamwork, learning about their community and its needs, setting goals, making plans, and taking action.  The program culminates in a community service project planned and managed by the kids

The Facilitator Training was attended by several dozen people from all around the northeast and as far away as Macon, Georgia.  We were proud to host this truly inspirational training program, and are excited to be looking forward to involving more youth in making a difference in our shared community.

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