Collaborating in our Community

We at Hands On Hartford are so grateful to be working in the community that we do. We are always on the look-out for opportunities to work in partnership with other local groups to build relationships, support each other’s work, and have fun doing it. Be sure to look into the Connecticut Historical Society’s  Community Cook-Off event April 5th. They have been generous enough to host a food drive for our MANNA Community Pantry at the event. They are encouraging people to sign up to register their best recipe and compete against others in categories such as the “Not-So-Secret Ingredients Challenge,” “ From Grandma’s Kitchen,” “ What’s in that casserole, anyway?” and “ I didn’t Know you could do that with Jell-o!” If you don’t want to be a part of the competition, join the party! You can enjoy the competition, food and refreshments, and guided tours of the exhibit, Cooking by the Book: Amelia Simmons to Martha Stewart. The event looks like a really great time and gives us a great opportunity to also help those in need through the food drive.

The MANNA Community Pantry is now serving over 400 households each month since the renovations last September. This food goes to families, senior citizens and disabled residents in Hartford who are struggling to make ends meet. We also have been able to provide more nutritional education and other assistance to clients at the pantry. Thanks to a grant from Lincoln Financial Group we have been able to provide milk and eggs every week. And recently Stop & Shop has provided us with gift cards to purchase fresh produce each week.

With the help of our community partners, we are making an even bigger difference in people’s lives. Thanks to groups like the Connecticut Historical Society we are having  fun doing it.

For more information about the CT Historical Society and the Community Cook-Off please visit:

For more information about ways to partner with Hands On Hartford please email Kate Shafer at

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