Four Parks + 150 Volunteers = One Great Day of Service

Four parks. One hundred and fifty volunteers. Two new non-profit partners.

When Insurity approached us about planning their annual Day of Service, this year held on October 11th, we pondered a number of possibilities – including a river clean-up, painting shelters and more. However, the perfect option presented itself affording Hands On Hartford an opportunity to accommodate the employees’ interests and partner with two new organizations. We partnered with Riverfront Recapture and The Metropolitan District (MDC); this partnership allowed us to focus on a
new area – the environment.

Employees spent half a day beautifying and cleaning four parks in total – 3 in Hartford and 1 in East Hartford: Charter Oak Landing, Riverside Park, Great River Park and Mortensen Plaza. At Charter Oak Landing, volunteers weeded, cut down day lilies, trimmed branches, and revamped the entire front entrance. The front entrance had become overgrown with low-lying shrubs that were unsightly and intractable. The volunteers replaced the shrubs with more apropos plantings which resulted in an enhanced entryway. Over at Great River Park volunteers planted grass seeds, painted railings, trimmed trees and cleaned-up debris. At Mortensen Plaza, a jewel on the banks of the Connecticut River and centerpiece of the Riverfront Park System, volunteers removed grafitti by applying fresh coats of paint. The majority of the volunteers spent the morning at Riverside Park. Here Insurity employees trimmed the day lilies, mulched the flower beds, spread wood chips on walking trails,
trimmed trees, weeded the entrance/planted mums & bulbs, made a baseball field and 6 picnic tables.

Insurity Employees are truly committed and industrious evidenced by the woodworking team arriving on-site at Riverside Park about an hour before the “official start time” to begin the table construction. The company was truly able to accomplish a lot in a short period of time just in time for the Hartford Marathon, which occurred two days later, and RiverFront Recapture’s annual fundraiser.

“I would like to thank Hands On Hartford and all the wonderful folks from Insurity who participated in today’s successful program. The entrance to Charter Oak Park looks fabulous. The caulking of the Mortensen Plaza masonry was professionally done and looks fantastic. The new picnic tables are first rate, and we now have an impressive baseball field. The painting, grass seeding and overall cleanup enhance the look of these picturesque parks. They will be shining for this weekend’s Hartford Marathon.” James Mazza, Maintenance Superintendent, MDC.

Thank you Insurity for your continued commitment to service and for bringing much needed human resources and skills to the RiverFront Parks.

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