Meet the Newest VISTA Engaging the Hartford Community!

As you may have seen in the October edition of the Hands On Hartford newsletter, we have been further expanding our collaboration with the Beat of the Street Newspaper. Two years ago we began working with BOTS to further advocate for homeless individuals. Now, both organizations are partnering to launch a local Faces of Homelessness Speaker’s Bureau chapter.

This speaker’s bureau is a great addition to the Hartford community, giving often overlooked, under served individuals the power to tell their stories and create change. We will be working together to recruit new members into the Speakers Bureau and newspaper staff, and to engage the general public around the realities of homelessness through the distribution of the newspaper and scheduling of presentations.

This new program could never get off the ground without dedicated staff, interns and service members. BOTS will have two Americorps VISTA members working hard to ensure that the newspaper and speakers bureau continues to grow.

VISTA member DaJavon Davis has been working on the newspaper side of the organization. A native to Hartford, DaJavon recently graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston, MA where he studied Psychology, Performance Arts, and Gender Studies. He has a passion for serving others, especially in his hometown. DaJavon has a strong interest in the arts and the mental health field.

Through his work at BOTS, he hopes to be able to expand the newspaper and help create a strong, unified voice for homeless individuals and their advocates. He is also working on some other interesting projects including a Sleep Out and a Speakers Bureau event for Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week in November.

He hopes to one day be able to merge the use of performance and visual arts with service and helping others. Looks like he is off to a great start!

Be on the lookout for the next introduction of new faces at HOH!


For more information on Beat of the Street or Faces of Homelessness, email Nate Fox at

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