Keeping Peace of Mind

Question: How many pounds of food do you think it takes to feed a room full of 100 people for one lunch time?

Answer: 25 lbs of pasta, 15 lbs of sauce and 100 pieces of bread

On an average week day we see between 100- 150 clients for lunch. That is anywhere between 500 to 750 people a week.

People from all walks of life need extra assistance today. Not only needing food stamps to help keep food in their pantries, but also an extra free meal or two to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need and for peace of mind. They know they can come to Community Meals for lunch knowing that they may not have another meal that day.

The MANNA Community Meals program here at HOH is struggling to help keep that peace of mind. The shelves are looking bare, we haven’t been able to provide variety for our clients nor have we been able to give the portion size that we would like. Monday’s, guests used to count on CM to have chicken as the meal – we haven’t been able to serve chicken on a Monday in weeks. Our food supply, along with other soup kitchens in the area is dwindling. Our needs for fresh meats and produce cannot be met simply because the demand is so high. Soup kitchens are running out of staples like pasta, pasta sauce and rice.

We are not only looking to the community for help, we are looking to create awareness. To better address this issue and better serve the people of Hartford who need this service.

Wish list: (quantities need to accommodate 150 people)

  1. Fresh Meat (chicken, beef)
  2. Fresh Produce
  3. Pasta and pasta sauce
  4. Napkins
  5. Cups
  6. Desert plates

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