Looking for an Inspirational Story? This One is a Slam Dunk!

Basketballs, basketballs, and more basketballs – oh my! When Randy  Weinstock, father of Evan, contacted Hands On Hartford back in March we knew great things were in store for a Hartford-based elementary school. Randy sought our consultation on ways that Evan could give back to the Hartford community for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah.

Evan, an avid fan of basketball, was interested in connecting his love of basketball with his wish to make a difference. Several ideas were vetted and the selection was narrowed down to donating much needed basketball equipment to Fred D. Wish Elementary School. Evan’s parents wanted to ensure that Evan took full responsibility for the entire process. Moreover, Evan’s parent’s did not want to ask other parents (many of whom celebrate Bar Mitzvah’s regularly) to make yet another contribution. So how would Evan raise the money needed to purchase the items for Wish? By holding a Shoot-a-Thon.

Evan asked family and friends to support his effort. On Friday, May 11th, 56 kids participated in the one hour Shoot-A-Thon held at Evan’s school, King Philip Middle School. Each basket, there were a total of 6, had approximately 7 eager shooters, who were each given 1 minute to make as many baskets as possible. Different points were assigned based on where the shooter connected with the basket. As the points racked up, the thermometer, drawn on a poster board, peaked. The goal was to make 1,000 shots in 1 hour. When the kids reached 990 points, Evan ceremoniously shot the last 10 points. The fun-filled event was a huge success. Evan raised over $1,000. With that, he was able to purchase basketballs, pinnies and an electronic scoreboard. With the monies remaining, the Weinstocks were able to make a $250 cash donation to the school. On May 23rd, the Weinstocks delivered their donation to the school. This project was meaningful and impactful because Evan had an opportunity to visit Wish, which is merely 10 miles away from King Philip, beforehand to see the material differences and needs of the school.

According to Evan, “The best part was dropping off the equipment and seeing their faces. They were so excited! I would love to help kids at the Wish School again. They seem polite and really nice, and I’m glad they have a great school. I really liked making it even better.”

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