Insurity Shows their Skills at Ebony Horsewomen


When Ebony Horsewomen first approached Hands On Hartford a few weeks back about their organizational needs, we thought it would take time to find the right blend of skilled based passionate volunteers for their labor intensive projects. However, after reaching out to our corporate friends at Insurity, formerly LexisNexis, for assistance we knew that Ebony Horsewomen’s needs would be met sooner than later.

Ebony Horsewomen is an innovative, nationally recognized program that puts children and teens together with horses in an effort to heal and encourage. And they do it where it’s needed most: in the very heart of Hartford’s Northeast neighborhood. Moreover, they run an after school program whereby they not only expose children to horses but also to a plethora of animals such as rabbits, chickens, goats, ferrets, etc.

When we intitially contacted Insurity, it was for help removing felled and snapped limbs that were obstructing the horses in their paddocks. However, when Stuart Jensen, the team’s leader visited the site, and saw the other immiment needs he presented them to the team. Ebony Horsewomen was in desperate need of saddle racks, boot racks and a place where kids could put their books and knapsacks.  One of the main challenges that the team faced was no resources. They needed raw materials such as wood to tackle their projects; they decided to turn to their co-workers and had no problem finding willing individuals to bring this holiday gift to Ebony Horsewomen. 

The build team consisted of five employees.  They designed a Boot Rack,  Saddle Rack and Cubbies.  A couple of the members spent many hours of their personal time at Home Depot selecting materials and working in their home work shops prefabricating these items in preparation for the actual project day.  On Wednesday Dec 14th the build team went on site to assemble and install a Boot Rack to hold 40 pairs of boots, 26 Saddle Racks and two cubby storage units.  It was a great day of giving and team building.  The kids and staff were ecstatic. The team used their personal funds to make these projects a reality and they’re not done yet. Next on the agenda – rabbit cages. Thanks team Insurity for your passion and workmanship.

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