Shipman and Goodwin Service Day

Martin Luther King Elementary School (MLK) was the site of much ado on June 2nd when a team of attorneys from Shipman & Goodwin embarked on an afternoon of service.  The 84 attorneys hailed from offices in Hartford, Greenwich and Stamford.  Shortly after their arrival, the volunteers were welcomed by a school official, Hands On Hartford staff and were treated to two inspirational songs by the school’s choir.  

The employee volunteers simultaneously tackled 8 beautification projects that included both interior and exterior work. 

On the interior, the volunteers were dispersed on three floors and their projects included:

  • painting a kid/health friendly mural in the breakfast nook of the cafeteria
  • painting the cafeteria with the school’s colors
  • painting a hallway/including doors on the ground level
  • painting the library with child friendly hues
  • removing excessive bulletin boards and painting the third floor hallway

On the exterior, the volunteers beautified areas in the back and front of the school which included:

  • painting games such as four square and hopscotch on the asphalt where the students have recess
  • building large planter containers for the front entrance of the school and filling them with various perennials and bulbs
  • trimming trees, raking and planting various shrubs, bulbs and perennials on the school’s grounds

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Prior to the service day, Shipman & Goodwin made a conscious decision to invest in the health and well being of the students at MLK by sponsoring the installation of two basketball backboards on the school’s outdoor court.  For many years, MLK students were unable to play basketball outdoors because they lacked backboards.  The installation of the backboards coincided with Shipman’s visit to MLK – shortly thereafter, the courts became a magnet for students as the news spread amongst the staff and students.

In addition to the 250 plus volunteer hours that the attorneys donated, the company also conducted a food drive to benefit our food pantry and brought the collected items with them to the school.   Each employee was encouraged by internal staff to fill a grocery bag with staple items such as pasta sauce, canned vegetables and fruits.  The food drive was a huge success and as a consequence the firm donated nearly 1,000 pounds of food to our pantry.

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