Vulnerability Index

In partnership with Journey Home, the non-profit corporation guiding the capital region’s Ten Year Plan to End Homeless, Hands on Hartford is helping to conduct the Vulnerability Index in our community.  Hartford is one of 81 communities taking part in the campaign to house 100,000 of our homeless neighbors across the country by July 2013. Download this flyer Vulnerability Index Flyer for more information about the Vulnerability Index in Hartford and how you can take part.

Chronic homelessness has proven to be nearly as lethal as some forms of cancer in the United States.  Approximately 110,000 people are classified as chronically homeless, living on the street or in a shelter for more than a year.  The launch of the 100,000 Homes Campaign by Common Ground has since given communities across the country innovative new methods and tools to house our homeless neighbors.  One such tool is the Vulnerability Index.

The Vulnerability Index is a method designed for identifying and prioritizing the street homeless population for housing according to the fragility of their health. All the active communities follow the same model in their approach to solving this problem. 

As a result of this model 7,819 people have been housed across the country.  Hartford was actually the first campaign community to reach its goal after helping 44 people into housing. That success was large in part due to the support of dedicated volunteers. 

We need that support again to make this year’s Vulnerability Index week a success.  During the week of May 9 – May 13 we will need volunteers to canvas homeless shelters and outdoor areas to help administer the Vulnerability Index surveys.  

To take part in the Vulnerability Index contact Cody Stewart at or at 860-728-3201 x2010. You can also sign up for the project online at

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